The Opposite of Poverty is Justice


Ultimately, you judge the character of a society, not by how they treat their rich and the powerful and the privileged, but by how they treat the poor, the condemned, the incarcerated. Because it’s in that nexus that we actually begin to understand truly profound things about who we are.

There are so many fascinating points and stories in this presentation that it was challenging to select one quote. I’ve watched Bryan Stevenson’s TED Talk on the inequalities that plague the U.S. criminal justice system multiple times and recently finished his book Just MercyWell worth your time.

(and available in 31 subtitle languages)


2 thoughts on “The Opposite of Poverty is Justice

  1. I agree. It (the Opposite of Poverty is Justice) is one of the key issues of our time. Do we at last have the political will to move towards dealing with it?


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