Lights, camera, action

Rabetas Videos recebem maquinas recicladas da Jessica Ertel do EUA

Experimenting with used cameras and camcorders brought from the U.S. in great condition! From left: Brian (15), me, Igor (18), Brandon (17), Manoela and Evany (15)

This post is long overdue, but I want to say a huge thank you to all of the people back home who donated used cameras, camcorders and other electronic equipment to the project. In particular, thank you so much to Ruth and Tom Fitzpatrick, Amy and Eric Russack, Mark and Kirsten Sweeny, and my own family!

The devices were very well received by the members of the Rabeta Videos group, a micro-project that focuses on audio and visual recording. The Rabeta* project is composed of five young men between the ages of 14-19 years old, those most susceptible to falling into the illegal economy or being assassinated. Recently, the Rabetas received a request for their first semi-professional project. A young woman named Elenice requested documentation of her dance courses to use in the final steps of earning her bachelor’s degree in physical education. For the past few weeks the Rabetas have been attending her Saturday morning dance classes and carefully filming the hour and a half long sessions, making sure to capture the action from all angles. After recording, they will edit the segments and create a short video that Elenice can use. The cameras have been of great use in this project and will definitely play a key role in the potential of their future productions.

*Rabeta in Portuguese refers to a type of boat with an outboard motor. These narrow wooden boats are quite popular here in Marabá.

Igor, Bruno e Brando experimentam com maquinas recicladas do EUA

Igor Furtado e Bruno Alves de Rabetas Videos experimentam com maquinas recicladas do EUA


An article was also published in the local newspaper about the donations


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